Sunday, 16 September 2007

An afternoon at Melbourne General Cemetery

Another group that I'm part of is 3D5S, which is an inspiration and discovery group. This month we made a trip to Melbourne General Cemetery. I've been there before to take photos and find it full of texture and shape, but also age and decay. There are lots of stories, much that is sad, especially the plots where there are lists of children lost. I'm always taken by the solemnity and also just how big it is, right in the middle of our city.

We found the Elvis memorial, John King's grave, Walter Lindrums grave and the Bourke and Wills monument. Lots of different nationalities and the most amazing monuments.
I'm hoping that from all the photos will be a collection of shapes and textures that we can translate into knitted samples. This is for the next meeting in October. (3rd Sunday at the guild!)
I've been musing on the process of blogging and I'm finding it quite interesting. It forces me to go to my work every day, to document it and plan for the next day in a way that works very well for me. Working at home, there is always something else to do, this ensures, at least for the moment that I have to do something everyday. It's been fun too. I do however, wonder if there's anyone reading this. However, I'm going to keep going, regardless.

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