Saturday, 8 September 2007

Designing yarns

Today I've been teaching design at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria as part of the Spinning Certificate course that they offer. (As well, I've convened the course for the two years of the current intake).

This particular design component had two parts: firstly, analysing commercial yarns and then looking at including all sorts of materials to create textured yarns.

I've included a picture of the commercial yarn we chose to analyse (top) and my attempt to replicate it (bottom). I was really pleased with my effort, though, I didn't get the fluffy bit, I really nailed the bullion component. There were a few really good ideas, the one I really would like to follow up is the creation of the continuous bullion or corkscrew. This was created around a stable core yarn, in my case, sewing cotton.

Further to the yarn there is a soft mohair plied as if to create a boucle and then another binder.

The students had fun with a wide variety of yarns created. We then looked at texture. Having run out of time we focused on pulling fabric apart and carding it with top or fleece and then spinning that.
It was good fun today and the students responded really well to the challenges of this very different approach to spinning.

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