Friday, 7 September 2007

Fibre sculpture and me

Having discovered a new product (?) here in Australia that just might answer all my wildest dreams, I thought I'd like to share it with the world and thereby start my own blog.

The product is called Paverpol (website in Australia:

What does it do? Apparently it enables fabric sculptures to be rain, wind and sun proof, thereby allowing you to create outdoor sculptures.
Why is this of interest to me? Well, as well as a lot of other fibre activities, I create textile sculptures. The first few with wire and plastics (fairly outdoor tolerant) and the latest was handknit and machine-knit. Not necessarily the best material.
Above is a picture of my last entry for the Old England Outdoor Sculpture Award, run as part of the Banyule City Council Festival in March this year. It is called 'Figures in the Landscape' and is a tribute to 'Blue Poles' by Jackson Pollock.
There are 8 poles, just as in Blue poles and they are covered in Handknit and Machine-knit tubes with knit cubes attached. It was fun to make, however, it took alot of spray paint to cover and it really isn't finished properly, that is why 'Paverpol' might help. I'll do some further investigation. I'll try and keep you up to date with my experimentation.
Well that is my first entry. Hope you like it?

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