Monday, 17 September 2007

Getting ready

Today was spent mostly paying bills and writing contributions to the HWSG newsletter, Treadles. Just in time management wins again!

However, I did manage to seal my three small canvases with Gesso, the stuff that painters use for their much larger canvases. I'll paint them black after this is dry. I decided that I'd better dry them properly, after my last effort and hung them outside my workshop door to dry.

I then managed to wind the warp for the next series of Woven Memories. This will be wider and longer and woven on my new loom! All very exciting. I found the nylon wire at a wholesale store that was clearing out all it's leftovers from decades back.

It's lasting forever, but I will be sad when it finally comes to the end, as it must. Fishing wire will
have to fill the gap, but will I be able to find something as fine and so cheap!

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