Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's that sort of day

It's that sort of day. I've just spent an hour looking for my camera, I've booked myself to teach on a day when I won't be in Melbourne, I don't like the work I've been doing and I just want to start again.

I started putting together my 'textile picture' and found that it started to look very amateurish. As today was a meeting of the steering committee for the 9" x 5" market, I thought I'd try it on our esteemed leader. She didn't really like it, but did suggest that perhaps it could be a smaller size to change from a 'picture' to something that might just fill a small space. This isn't a bad suggestion, however, I'm feeling just a little fragile. Hopefully, a trip to the violin maker for a photo session and, of course, afterwards.....will cheer me up.
I feel like I should just make scrunchies or maybe handspun, cotton face cloths. These aren't terrible ideas, but are they any better?

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