Thursday, 13 September 2007

Knitting Violin Lace

I've had to blog this morning as darling hubby decided to do some just-in-time management for a workshop he's presenting today, and was up late using our computer. It did allow me time to finish my samples, so I can't really complain. So now the kids are off to school and the washing is on!

What I've done is, I think, knitted lace. I'm really happy with my sampling process. The black is the first sample and it probably was a bit too tall. Any way too much black.

So I thought I'd try with a wool that I'd dyed a reddy brown. It was purposely uneven which also suited this purpose.
It might have turned out a bit wide, and, I'm definitely going to have to block it to look really good.

Figuring out how to keep those loops in the right place was hard as I haven't done a lot of charting. Remembering to keep the loop in the same place means having to knit two together next to it working on two stitches that become a loop and a stitch.

I think that makes sense.

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