Monday, 24 September 2007

Only two more sleeps to go! Well one, really.

Last minute rush preparing to go on a wonderful three week holiday. I needed to complete all the work required to have my market stall ready. Seeing as I arrive back in Melbourne at 5am on the Sunday and need to set up between 8am and 10am on that day, everything had to be just right and in boxes and labelled. I'll probably sleep through most of the market!
I did manage to finish the front cables of my jumper. This just goes so fast. 5.5mm needles, I need to use those often! And I've started the sleeve.
Isn't photographing texture with an automatic camera when you want to take the photo inside just disappointing. The flash just flattens everything. I had to go outside, not a great drama as it is lovely and sunny, but I didn't really feel that I should have. I guess I should learn how to use the camera better, or get a better camera!

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