Sunday, 23 September 2007

Packing for the holidays

I didn't actually do anything yesterday. I called in on the Spinning Certificate students to go over their last class and ensure they've organised their exhibition, which they had and is well under way now. They've finally got their act together.

I did, however, start to pack for our 3 week holiday by organising what I will take in the way of textiles. The first is two plastic tatting bobbins (pink and blue! who chose those colours?), which along with yarn and a book from the local library, I'm hoping to take on the plane. The HWSG had a demonstration morning, as they do on their meeting day, which gave us a taste of tatting. I enjoyed this and hope to be able to follow it up.
I'm also taking one of my favourite books: Creative Knitting by Mary Walker Phillips. I still think that there is nothing quite like it, despite the fact it was published in the seventies. She explores stitches and yarns all in the name of art. What's not to like. I'm hoping to create a piece responding to my holidays.
The yarns I'm taking are a linen, red mercerised cotton and a linen/cotton mix. I hope that this is enough. I'm not sure of the textile options in Broome and the Kimberley, which is where we're going. Leaving Tuesday. Looking forward to it!
I'm going to have to start doing most of my blogging in the morning, as I think I'm putting a dent in our download time, along with no 1. son when he accesses his myspace page, which apparently has music on it. Anyway, we'll do that and see if it makes any difference.

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