Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Textile pictures here we come!

I've continued to work on these textile pictures, in between warping up the woven memories. These are turning out better than previously. Unfortunately, the picture isn't really good. I created three, each with a different coloured yarn as the base, as follows:

1. Machine knit fabric in the selected colours: tan rayon, hand-dyed wool and a commercial yarn.

2. Machine knit copper wire and yarn together.

These are the first two layers, which I staple gunned to the canvas frame. I then found some handspun that matched and I've wrapped it around. I still need another element which I'll work on tonight. I think I need to return to the original inspiration of the violin.

I'm up to denting but have discovered I put the whole beater on backwards. Change it around tomorrow. I am falling in love with this loom as it has been a breeze to warp on my own. Nylon wire is forgiving, however, I feel certain I can continue successfully warping on my own.

Heaps of washing to sort out. Still tired from all that driving in the last two days.

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