Monday, 10 September 2007

Violins as Inspiration

Well, a restless night spent trying to figure out what went wrong with my stall. Finally, coming to the conclusion, yet again, that I should do as I wish. This means that I would like to create non-winter items and, in particular, try creating textile pictures.

The major problem with this has been that I don't want to just stick fabric or yarn on a canvas without any more intention than to 'make it look nice'. I need to have inspiration and direction. As it happens, a group that I convene, 3D5S, (3 dimensions, 5 senses), has recently been on a trip to a wonderful violin maker. It was a terrific trip....I've seen the photos! Unfortunately, I had to miss that day due to family commitments, however, the photos have been inspiring. I'm hoping to go back this week and take some pictures of my own.

I've decided to use this as the inspiration for my first textile pictures. There are spirals and shape and texture. I can use fibre, constructed fabric, copper wire and silver wire to create beautiful pictures.

I'm excited by the adventure.

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