Thursday, 20 September 2007

Warping a new loom with nylon wire

Today was the meeting of the viewing committee for 9"x5" market and what you hope for happened. Of the ten people who applied we had an absolute gem. A lovely Japanese ceramicist who created the most quirky, interesting and unique peaces. She had a love box, which had two interlinked people, when unlinked revealed a beautiful heart. No hint of cutesy or anything vaguely girly, just good humour and real cleverness. She bought along about a dozen peaces, I would have happily lived with any. She will be a most welcome addition to our market.
I've finished warping the loom and now have to tie-up. This is the part of a countermarche loom that is not welcome. I am going to devise a series of hooks and loops to hopefully streamline the operation. I'll see what they have at Darn Cheap, or else the local hardware.

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