Monday, 22 October 2007

Exploring Texture

This weekend was full of meetings. A HWSG general meeting during which we have a teaching committee meeting. All went well and a few issues I had with the Spinning Certificate were sorted out in a satisfactory way.

The line that we need to walk between the people we should pay - tutors amidst a volunteer organisation where alot of people give alot of their time is always difficult. We do need to be professional in our recognition of the skills of the members we ask to teach and this is going to be more of an issue as there are less and less volunteers, but if we can settle issues well now, then we have some basis for decisions in the future. (I hope so!)

The other meeting was 3D5S where we were to explore textures in response to our trip to the cemetery, however, I decided to show my textile sketchbook from my trip. I blocked it on Saturday and am very pleased with the result. So we spent our time exploring some of the stitches in this. I do want to sit down and look again at the Cemetery pictures and perhaps do some samples from that. A fun day, nevertheless. I always feel revived sharing with others of like mind.

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