Thursday, 25 October 2007

Partners working from home!

Dear hubby decided he'd work from home yesterday! Consequently, I had the pleasure of his company for morning tea, and, the annoyance of not being able to get at the computer for the whole day!

I have spent the last couple of days weaving. Two black pieces, one of which has totally changed the way I'm looking at this series. It's one material used throughout the whole 75cm with the gold wire all the way up. By the way, this gets curled around my plyers with added skill after my jewellery classes with Carol.

I'm using this gorgeous black tape that looks like video tape, except that it's black. Nice to weave with and very striking.

I then created another using the basket weaving materials my sister had given me for the 'Nature vs Nurture' entry to the 2006 Old England Sculpture award. They were little bits and fit really well into the format.

I've enough warp on the loom to create six, so only two more to go. I should be working on some silk scarves, hopefully Thursday.

I'm still considering why I'm blogging, except, that it's a good record of work and it's like reporting each day to your boss. I have to have done something to show, and that seems to be working in a very pleasant way. Working from home can be difficult as there is always plenty to distract, especially husbands wanting to go out for a coffee!