Monday, 15 October 2007

Return from the Kimberley

The flight from Darwin to Melbourne left at 1.30am (yes, AM), we arrived in Melbourne at 6am, (with minimal sleep) and finally arrived home! A quick shower, pack the car and I was at the 9"x5" market by 8.15am. There isn't much to say about this, except that I'm tired.

The market, however, turned out to be a success, with a lovely lady, also a great model for my scarves, who bought two of my scarves in the last hour and turned a very quiet day into a quite alright day. I have decided that for the Christmas and Summer period I need to turn my table into an Art table with a few scarves, rather than a Scarf table with some art, the latter would be for the Winter months.

So the plan, in terms of work, is to make a new range of silk scarves....they are a beautiful gift. More woven memories, but more substantial works. More textile pictures, with a new theme and for the fourth week...something else! At least I have a plan.

As well, I need to get some entries together for the guild exhibition. This week I think! And, of course, look at my photos from my trip, block the knitting I did on the trip and generally contemplate the whole experience.

I did manually blog when I was away and I'll do an extra post with some photos to deal with that. I did have fun. And, of course, photos will turn up all through subsequents posts.

PS It was a fabulous trip

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Tammie said...

Welcome back intrepid traveller! Glad to hear your market day was a success - you must be SO tired!!