Friday, 26 October 2007

Sidetracked again!

I do have a serious addiction to buying magazines. Not your trashy (cheap!) 'woman's magazines' but textile magazines, fashion, various art magazines, design magazines and even music has managed to appear in my collection. I'm also considering resubscribing to Spin-off and Handwoven, having got over being a bit jaded with their repetition and a certain lack of innovation.

A design magazine, 'Lino', that I discovered relatively recently has a new edition out on the shelves. The padlocks are on the front cover, and inside is an article by a couple of weavers. The first weaver had the same basis for some of her work in the 'nature vs nurture' and this is her response.

This is mine from the Old England Sculpture Award. I was quite surprised to see this reference and I loved her other pieces as well.

I've also been trying to knit a scarf with my liquorice allsorts yarn. I thought it would be easy, but it's proving a challenge! This is where I've got to trying 'all sorts' of different stitches to get the right effect. I think I'm happy with this one, except it's a very stiff fabric, so I'll try it on larger, (I'm already on 7.5mm needles)!

Should be cutting up silk fabric!

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