Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Weaving at last!

I'm weaving at last! Not for very long, only about an hour, but enough to get started on another 'Woven memory'. That's what I call this series, after the major work I did called 'Woven Memories', which won the 2005 Old England Sculpture Award. Yes, I know, two years ago now, but it was quite a buzz.

I'm not as happy with this so far. It's wider than any I've done before but I will be doing a bit more finishing than usual, as this is meant to hang on a wall rather than a garden. I've also not woven for a while, so for a first it's not so bad!

Went into the city today, so I called in at Craft Victoria to see what their latest exhibition was. A very interesting look at gloves. Of most interest was a series of glove dolls, very quirky and some very naughty. I loved them all! Also was some most unusual pottery. These are the sorts of exhibitions which fire the imagination and give encouragement, especially when you're seeing really out there work. I feel that it just gives me permission to do exactly what I want! I love going to exhibitions.....must go to more!

I had a look at their shop, which is always full of interesting stuff and I noticed no small sculpture! Perhaps this would be my way into the Craft Victoria shop. I'll have to think a bit more about this. It would be interesting to try to do perhaps about half a dozen and show them. Of help would be more work with Paverpol, which started this whole blog. Must order some.

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