Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A folding red scarf

Just finished knitting the first scarf off the rack! Well it's not quite finished. Went looking for my button tin (a beautiful old tin filled with all sorts of buttons - I love boxes!) and couldn't find it. I want to add a stack of red buttons at each end.
The scarf is knitted lengthwise using some red slubby yarn I had spun. Then I knit three folds - st. st. for a number of rows, then pick up at the beginning - it folds. If you graft the last fold on to the first fold then there's no cast off to spoil the look. This is quick to knit and a nightmare to both pick up the stitches and graft.
I've also taken down the surplus loom, waiting for it to be sold, and now can get to my shelves to start the tidying process. It feels better already, I can at least walk around a bit more. Still an absolute mess!!

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