Saturday, 12 January 2008

Book bargains and seaweed

I've arrived back from Phillip Island, having escaped the worst of Melbourne's heat. I thought I'd share some of the things that inspire me, or, really just amaze me with the beauty and diversity of the world.

The first is 'the seaweed series'. Walking along the beach, which does get quite a bit of seaweed washed up on the shore, I suddenly noticed the amazing diversity and it struck me that I should do a photographic series, maybe even use it for the 10x10 challenge in February. Having forgotton to take my camera on this trip, I diligently photographed for the rest of the week. I did however, feel a bit odd at times standing and to all intents and purposes photographing sand and not the view!

It is amazing the changes each day and I think I'll keep this up.

The other is yet another bargain book: 'Rainforest: a photographic journey'. It was $80 before Christmas and just $15 after. I snapped it up. It is full of the most beautiful photography: plant, animal and insects. Poor hubby, he was the one who was supposed to be spending his Christmas gift voucher at Angus & Robertson, and he couldn't find anything!

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