Thursday, 17 January 2008

Let's start something new

I thought I'd better get started on a whole lot of new projects. This also means finishing off at least some spinning. So I've got some English Leicester and Merino fleeces sitting in cold water to start the washing process. These will be then used to:

1. Dye and spin into yarn for weaving into a wall hanging. A new series combining plastic and yarn.

2. Spinning and knitting into a knot scarf, which will be documented and then hopefully written up as an article for Spin-off. A little daunting, but at least I've made a start!

The next project is to dye some of the linen to knit a sample for my 'Knitting the Kimberley' piece. Dyeing small amounts is fun and to try and minimise the mess......I always get myself in a mess....too impatient......I decided to put small cups in a pot. Worked well. I tied the linen in four continuous skeins and dyed the alternate skeins the same colour. I used a brown and blue which, given I just picked up what Procion dyes I had and mixed the brown with red and black, fairly haphazardly, I am pretty pleased with. I've kept the left over colours for reference. Knitting next.

PS. Just remember, that even though you need to tame the yarn, don't tie it too tight, as you end up with little white dots.

I also finished the fibre sandwich skeins, we created at Experimental Spinning in December. The first I did by wrapping around a white core and binding with the same white cotton. The second I spun a fine black single and plyed trying for a knot yarn. It turned out more of a squiggle than a knot but I still like the effect.
You do get so much done when all the boys are out all day at the Australian Open Tennis!

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