Sunday, 27 January 2008

Tubular scarves

I've been continuing work on Knitting the Kimberley, and though it's a slow process, I am extremely happy about the result. I've reached the half way mark, I call it the 'trees', made up of twisted stitches and bobbles and am working on the 'sky', which is varying the shell stitch. All these are from my favourite book: Creative Knitting by Mary Walker Phillips. This will continue to crop up through my knitting as I still haven't quite found anything like it.

Anyway, I thought I'd better do something quick, so I've had a play with my knitting machine, which hasn't really been getting much of a workout lately. I decided on tubular knitting and three varying size tubes, one inside each other. I like the result, though it's perhaps not quite long enough. I might have to do one very very long thin tube to get the length. That's daunting, as the shortest tube is 500 rows.

I have been learning though:

1. ALWAYS read the manual, it tells you all sorts of really interesting and useful things.

2. Be patient when fixing mistakes and refer to No 1.

3. I need to sort out my knitting machine, small equipment and manuals. If I knocked one more thing on the floor, I'd have gone mad!

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