Wednesday, 13 February 2008

10X10 challenge

Feeling a bit down with regards to making more for the market, I've decided to abandon work for the week and do a few things I really want to. The first is the 10x10 challenge that is set for 3D5S, the inspiration/design group I belong to. The challenge is to produce a 10x10cm piece which can be in any technique. I chose embroidery, but it could be yarn wraps, knitting, collage, drawing, crochet, anything.
I've put in my effort from last year, which was inspired by some amazing chooks at the Collingwood Children's farm. The yarn used for the embroidery was handspun from black & red top, and white glitz. I am very pleased with it.
This is the picture I'm using to produce this years. It's a bit obvious what I'm likely to do, but.....


Doushura said...

I read this article

Moorecat said...

Just *love* those chooks!

They're called Light Sussex - we used to have them when we were on the farm.

Very handsome things; great dual-purpose breed.