Friday, 1 February 2008

Finished and started stuff!

I've finished knitting 'Kimberley knitting'. I'm very happy, but have realised how much work there is to go to really finish it. I'm going to knit a small version to try everything on just to make sure I don't wreck it. I've added up the hours and it's taken 20 hours to get this far. Much more than I expected. So care is the word.
First process is washing and blocking. Then adding the colour and finally mounting. I'm exploring the options: mounting on a block of wood, where it shows through, or, as has been suggested, making a frame and lacing it on with no backing. Both have possibilities and I've finally ordered some Paverpol, this might provide some part of the solution too.

I managed to start a scarf last night using the pick up stitch idea from 'Knitting new scarves'. It's turned out quite different from the first scarf and somewhat different than I'd expected. There are ridges on one side, where I've picked up stitches, which I'd thought would have more impact, but I've come to like them. Next time, I'd like to explore making these ridges a feature by adding on the them by crocheting a frill, or some such thing.

Finally, I noticed a picture of Bjork at the Big Day Out concert wearing the best wristies of all time. Aren't they spectacular? My oldest son went to the concert, said she was great and her costume was spectacular as he could tell me it was gold!

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