Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mary Walker Phillips (1923-2007)

As you may realise, this week has not been particularly productive. On Friday, however, I did pick up the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. This is always something to light my day and I would usually share something with you that takes my fancy.

This month, however, brings the belated news, for me at least, that Mary Walker Phillips has passed away. Her book, 'Creative Knitting' has so inspired me for so many years. I found it in the 90's and was grateful when Interweave Press reprinted it not so long ago. I immediately purchased it. When I first found out about this book, I googled 'Mary Walker Phillips' and found very little information. However, it did mention two of her books, one a macrame book and the other on counterpanes. Surprisingly, I own the macrame book, from around the early 80's because it was one of the more interesting books. I've tried to find the Counterpanes book. Unfortunately, it has been 'lost' from the HWSG library. I will try harder to obtain a copy.

'Creative Knitting' is just such an inspiration for a creative knitter like me and my 'Kimberley knitting' was wholely inspired by it during my trip. I will argue that if you don't own this book and want to do creative knitting then you're just missing out on both a wealth of inspiration and instruction. There are no patterns, just invented stitches, suggested yarns and needles and lots of pictures. Pity it's not in colour.

I am very sad that she's gone, but boy, am I glad that Mary Walker Phillips was here.

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