Sunday, 3 February 2008

A new bag

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Both boys started their tennis season in the morning, 7.30am start, on a Saturday! Youngest won his singles, which after the last season was a good start, the team lost by a game. Oldest won and the team won. It was a good win and he was high as a kite! Having now reached sort of serious levels this was great. I went out for the day to arrive back to partner ringing to say he'd made a 100 at cricket on the day the club was celebrating their 80th season, so he spent the rest of the night celebrating!

My day was good, but less eventful. I went to Rose St. market to have a look around. It's interesting and quirky, great spot, just off Brunswick St. I'd like to share a market stall with friends here. Need to check out more. The website is Went there not expecting to buy anything, maybe a pair of earings, I'm really not much of a shopper. Ended up buying this great backpack. I love backpacks, leaves my hands free and saves my back. They're usually boring, this isn't.

Then went on to Experimental Spinning at the guild. We were looking at odd fibres. The ones we could find in the Craft outlet were: Carbon fibre, Ramie, Bamboo and Milk protein. I carded mine all together, though I didn't quite finish spinning, so that's for later. I hope to dye the resulting yarn to see what happens. They're interesting fibres, the grey is the Carbon fibre. Not very elastic, not sure what to do with them, so interesting textures.

Coffee afterwards, a good day.

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