Friday, 15 February 2008

Picker yarn

Spent yesterday spinning. It's funny, but this is the last resort activity. When I don't feel like doing much, I spin.

This is the 'Picker yarn' - still wet hanging on the line. I've had this dyed fleece for ages not knowing what to do with it. Finally, I decided to put it through the Picker. This opens the fleece and traditionally, in preparation for carding. I however, used the picked fleece and just spun up two bobbins, taking what came along. Then put the rest through the carder and spun a fine, not quite perfect single. Plied all three together.

I'm very happy with the result. It is a little dull with all that mixing of colour, but I knew that would happen.

I'm also finally spinning my 10x10 challenge, though the design has changed several times to where I think I'm quite happy where I'm going.....You'll just have to wait till Sunday.

I've also been asked to run some classes at the Bendigo guild and have decided to send some pictures of some yarns for them to have a look at before deciding on the structure of the class. They want to do some plying, so a multi-ply yarn, then one of a modified bullion and finally core-spinning with multi-coloured top. Jenny from Ballarat is great and I've been there before and it was fun!

PS. There were two comments to my last post. One from Moorecat, thankyou very much... the chooks are Light Sussex. I love that!
The other slipped through and is a link to a pharmecutical, so please don't follow the link. I'll be more careful!

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