Thursday, 28 February 2008

Sample stashes

I finished the first workshop skein...hooray! Managed to find a matching boucle to ply in and some black to finally balance the yarn. I'm happy with the result. Though, photography does not give the full impact. It's washing now which might yield extra surprises.

Talking about all those samples you make, thanks knitspingirl, has got me thinking about what to do with them.

This is my sample stash stored in a box. Always store them all in the one place! At least you know you've got too much and need to do something, rather than them lurking everywhere.

However, as I'm sure everyone is very well organised, and it really doesn't take you much further than feeling a little uneasy/guilty about what to do with it all, got me to thinking. I know, a dangerous thing!

Next thing to do was sort into major colour groups and see what I had. It looked a bit more organised.

These are the four groups that seem to have some promise! What next you ask. I don't know, I've got this far. Need to think about it......stripes, mosaic knitting....


Moorecat said...

Log cabin:

Ripple blanket:

Fish wallhanging (really):

Enjoy looking!

Teresa said...

Thanks again,

I liked the log cabin, lots of interesting possibilities. Never been a personal fan of ripple, though others do do it well. Absolutely love the fish, what a project.

Lots of food for thought!