Monday, 18 February 2008

Textile weekend

What a lovely weekend. Saturday was the HWSG monthly meeting, where I give my report on the two groups I convene: Experimental spinning and 3D5S. It's lovely to catch up with friends, have a look at what's going on and sometimes, if you're lucky, add to your fibre, yarn or book stash. Though all sorts of things turn up on the trading table.
What more do you want? Friends, fibre, laughter and doesn't get much better.
Well maybe, Sunday was 3D5S where we looked at the 10x10 contributions. We had a good number, though I now really feel the need to do a good name tag! I didn't quite finish mine, as I still need to dye it. I used some Silky wool to wrap around an English Leicester single and then I've plied it with a fine wool boucle to try and create the little bumps on the original photo. Currently it's soaking and seems more like the initial inspiration than this on the bobbin or the yarn in its hank. So the final product is for a future blog.
We also worked on our entry for the Australian Sheep and Wool show. We managed to really hone in on what we want to do and are in the process of refining our colour scheme.
NOTE: I love getting your comments and have finally found a format for responding. I'll just add little notes, if required. Be assured that if I don't respond, I still love them.
Two comments require response:
- I'll get on to Incub8tr
- Etsy seems such a BIG world. I recently read 60,000 sellers. It just makes me feel that I would be such a little fish. I may still however, come to change my mind.

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