Thursday, 13 March 2008

Exhibitions to think about

After visiting In.cube8tr sales, we live in hope....I decided I could afford the time to visit a couple of exhibitions. This is an area that should always be part of any art practice. To see what others are doing in whatever medium is stimulating and thought provoking.
The first was at Collingwood Gallery in Smith St, where the exhibition was 'Journeys' aboriginal art from a number of areas. My favourite picture was a fairly muted (greys, blacks, whites) on, I think, waterholes. but all the work was worth a look and in a number of styles, including 'body paint' which I hadn't seen before and quite different. The exhibition owner/curator showed a piece by Gabielle Possum, grandaughter of Clifford Possum. At six foot tall and about a foot wide, it was striking and beautiful. There were also a fish trap and fish net and sculptural works, all fairly traditional.
I then went off to the Yarra Sculpture Gallery in Vere St. Collingwood, (home of the Contemporary Sculpture Association of which I am a member) where, in particular, the members of the committee were holding a joint exhibition called 'Committed'. Derek & Julie Collins did another wonderful work combining plants and metal sculpture contrasting attitudes. Phill Hall had a large recycled work, different from what I'd seen him do before and Cecilia Fogelberg had some very confronting textile pieces. Incredibly exquisite work and confronting subject matter.
Both these exhibitions raised the question of the intent of the artists. All telling stories in their own way, about the things they think is important. I always wonder whether, or how much, you have to work to achieve this in your work, or whether it's an organic process, involving personal preferences.
Something about the nature of art.
I also have to start designing my website. Here is my inspiration from which I'll start work.

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