Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. We went to the beach and ate chocolates. Not bad really. Saturday afternoon listening to Ross Wilson on Churchill Island, Sunday afternoon, cheese and wine at Phillip Island wines. The rest just lazing really.
I wasn't totally non-productive. Some spinning was done. I had purchased at the last Australian Sheep and Wool Show some dyed fleece. I've spun it up to create a few different yarns. I'll take this all to Harrietville. I need to find some matching top to ply with, and I'll start knitting as well.
As I haven't used these yarns in anything particular it will be interesting to see how they knit up.
This is the last lot of spinning that I won't record how long it takes. I've decided to no longer apply a flat rate to each yarn, but an individual one based on the time taken to make. This will, hopefully, highlight which will be better to sell and those that I need to use in a more productive way. I suspect some of the more fun yarns are faster, not just fat, slubby yarns. It also fits into the way I'm going in that each piece is unique and is priced accordingly.

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