Monday, 3 March 2008

Jewellery as Art

Sunday morning coffee with partner demanded some reading material, well he reads the paper! and I found the latest issue of 'Craft Arts International' had this wonderful article on Marjorie Schick who does body sculpture. It's very inspiring and the idea of getting so big is really intriguing. If you're going to do sculpture that's what is needed. I seem to be getting they can sell? I think I need to work on bigger pieces. That's why the Sculpture award was useful, but that won't run till next year. I need to keep looking for appropriate opportunities.

I don't always buy this magazine. It's always beautiful, but not always enough to interest me to justify buying it. This is well worthwhile.

And I finished the skeins for the Bendigo workshop and am very happy. In April, I'll do two more sets, one with fleece and the other 'disobeying' the workshop co-ordinator (me!) and doing something else.

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