Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Just go crazy

When in doubt just go out left-field way. I've had this idea about wrapping rocks for awhile, but was going to do it on a big scale for the Sculpture Award, as that won't be happening till next year, I'll just do a little practice now.

Each of the rocks has a name and its' own scarf. They'll sit on a covered seat, much more comfortable than bare wood.

I'll sit them on the stall and at least people can have a bit of a laugh.

And here is a picture of the said stall, as taken by a friend on Sunday's market. It's a bit dark, and I haven't quite decided what it all says about the presentation. More thinking required.


Moorecat said...

If your garments are all scarves, how about something like this:

I'm sure someone handy could knock up a similar device, either in wood or wire.

How about a covered wire rack? I'm thinking of something like a dish drainer, turned on its side and mounted on a pole - or poles.

I feel the coathangers are not doing your creations any favours :)

See you Saturday?

Teresa said...

Yeah, the coathangers look terrible. I did paint some black but by the end of the day they had peeled. A bit too shabby sheek. Actually hanging them has improved how people look, seems like they prefer to rifle through a rack rather than a stack?

Love the 10-hole-scarf-hanger. How do you find these. Too much time on your hands! Keep it up. Talk to you Saturday.