Monday, 17 March 2008

Masks of China at the Immigration Museum

On a blazing hot day in Melbourne we headed to the Immigration Museum for the 'Masks of China' exhibition. It was worth it. Masks ranged from the very beautiful to the quirky to the downright disturbing! As a bonus there were some beautiful textiles with the traditional embroidery that we associate with Chinese textiles. Colours were vibrant with a great combination of the three primaries plus green and white for a scheme which worked better than just the three primaries.

I would love to know more about Gnome Grandma and Gnome Grandpa, especially Grandma, who had some very interesting facial expressions.

Unfortunately, knowing I would be unable to take photos, I had assumed that the Museum would have published a catalogue which I was ready to purchase. There was none and there was, apparently, insufficient funds to produce one. This Museum needs more funding. Its exhibitions are always interesting and in a country of migrants this is intrinsic to how we think of ourselves.

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