Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Has been a busy long weekend. Saturday, I did the domestic goddess thing and cleaned the parents were coming over for youngest son's birthday. He's officially a teenager, I've got two now!

Sunday was the market, and unfortunately was hot. So if people could be bothered coming out, and who could blame them if they sat at home in the cool, they certainly weren't interested in buying scarves. I did sell one, which paid for the stall and made up for last months shortfall.

I'm now trying to figure out how to approach next Saturday night. The Banyule festival has Twilight Sounds at Sills Bend, which is a great night of quite good music. They giving us stalls there for free to help promote the market. But the weather forecast is for a week of 30degree(C) days, including Saturday. Who's going to buy scarves?

Anyway, feeling like something should get done, thought I'd better do some photocopying from someone else's book for the Sheep and Wool show project. What a wonderful book of shells. I collected shells when I was a child. Don't have many left from that time, but we've a very small collection down at the beach house. So here are some beautiful photographs to inspire.

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