Saturday, 8 March 2008


Whilst it would appear that I haven't been working on anything much in particular, I have had a project on the go for a few days. The knitting is finished, but I'm still wondering what I've done. They're a pair of fingerless mittons, only a thumb hole but with quite a cuff up to the elbow. I think they need to be displayed intelligently. I'm looking for the right sized tubes. I have either too large or too small. Sounds a bit like Goldilocks. Anyway I'll keep looking for wrist sized tubes.
I've also just started this triangle scarf. It's been sitting in my head for awhile and this is how it has manifest itself so far. I think I'll add buttons to finish it off.
I have been thinking about presentation for awhile. Some comments made about how people don't always realise that artists such as those at In.cube8tr make unique one-off pieces and that it needs to be spelt out. This has been the last piece in a corner of the complex puzzle, but I thought it might be nice to give each piece a name, with a description that is both useful and hopefully entertaining, as a way of saying something about the unique nature of my work.
I also need to photo my finished work, I have alot of work in progress, but few of the finished pieces. So I'll post these with their name and story. See how it goes!
Thanks George.

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Knitspingirl said...

George says "You're welcome!"
Although I think he may be getting a little lonely - I need to spin him a sister. Squishy awaits!
Love Tammie