Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Stash busting

I have been working, despite the lack of blogging. A combination of our wonderful heat wave and computer issues has meant a lack of movement on this front.

I've had a commission for a set of my red cuffs in a much smaller size.

Also, I've been doing some serious stash busting. Spinning 5 or 6 different unwanted commercial yarns together and then knitting on extremely large needles (25mm) is a very quick way of creating a really bulky fabric. If you take more care than I have on the colour combinations, it actually results in quite a good look.

The sad thing, is that even though quite a number of yarns have been removed from the stash, there seems to be no more space in the storage boxes. It's as if all the yarns relaxed and breathed out!

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knitspingirl said...

You know, the more I knit, the more stash I seem to accumulate, not stash-bust ... now that's a scary thought, isn't it?! (I wonder how that works ...)eg I have been madly knitting socks lately, and now my sock yarn stash won't fit into it's box anymore (I know, I know, working where I do certainly doesn't help matters!) (giggle)
Love Tammie