Thursday, 17 April 2008

Exploring and experimenting

Tuesday was spent exploring my design capabilities when it comes to Web page design. I was pretty happy with it. So with some trepidition I went to my classes, and asked Elias' (esteemed teacher) opinion. He liked it, offered a couple of small hints, and I went home happy.

I now have a whole lot more to learn and make the actual buttons, links, etc. work.

Lots of experimenting with my knitting machine. I've made several layers and stitched them together.

I've then burnt holes in the fabric. After this, you would never clothe your special bundles in anything but wool. It was very difficult to burn and keep it burning. I actually had to work very hard to burn in one spot, and one of my fabrics had some linen in it. I was very happy with the final result as there was charing left.

I then tied it up, wet it and left it to dry to see what I might achieve if shibori were applied to the final fabric to give it an added three dimensional look.

I've also been creating miles of icord, well not yet. Will finish off this lot and create some in wool boucle. These are all for our special project for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

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