Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Machine knitting layers

I guess I need to report on the weekend. Lots of tennis for the boys, and watching by me. The Sunday market was busy with one of our best crowds. However, the general, but not all, consensus was that we were bit of a gallery....they weren't spending money. Thankyou to all who did. I sold a scarf and have a commission for another. This is lovely as both these mean that I can make some interesting scarves as one was a silk scarf and the other my sayings scarf, which really did need to be translated into something a bit more practical.
I've started playing with the idea of creating a texture by layering machine knit fabric that is loose with holes, maybe even creating more holes by burning! I will be careful and will purchase a fire blanket for my studio before proceeding.
I am very happy with the first sample, however, the second is too neat, though there are some interesting holes around the edges.
I need to use some different tones and see what I get.

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