Monday, 28 April 2008


Yes, another hat. I think it's the last for the moment. I must get back to the weaving. Still not well, but it is Monday.

This one has a button on the back and the wool I used is the dyed commercial and the handspun of different unusual fibres. The colour does not photograph well and is really a lovely soft red.
I have also been reading one of my favourite magazines. I've purchased it twice, the first being lost somewhere between the coffee shop, supermarket and home.
This issue looks at artist' studios. Not the Vogue living studio, but real ones with mess and work and inspiration. Love looking at them. This New Zealand jeweller is amazing. Wouldn't you love a rock?


Leanne said...

Hi Teresa, what is the name of your favourite magazine? Would love to look at the studios as well.

Teresa said...

Oops, forgot to put the name in. The magazine is 'Object'.