Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Weaving again

I love to weave. Just as well, as I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon on the (cold, concrete) floor setting up the loom to take advantage of all 8 shafts and to get it just right. I did make a mistake with the tie-up and had to re-tie most of it. The pedals are currently a bit high, I'll correct this when I do the tie-up for the next scarf.

I've decided to just wind a 10metre warp with some fine wool, it's sett quite wide (15epi), and weave as many scarves and samples as I can.

The sett is a bit too open, though I will perservere with it. This first scarf is plain tabby, which I will dye randomly. The next will have double-cloth pockets, stuffed with coloured wool tops, which I'm thinking of dyeing with tumeric! The next, I think, will have textured yarn to fill the very open weave and lastly, I'll do a weft faced twill of some sort.

I have threaded the warp so that I can do this, with areas that are threaded 1,2,3,4 and others 5,6,7,8. Not a straight threading. It will be interesting to see what I can achieve.

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