Monday, 19 May 2008

Ceres Community Environment Park

Yesterday was the 3D5S trip to Ceres Community Environment Park. ( What a wonderful place.

There was sculpture all through the gardens, chooks, kids at the African display making bricks and obviously had been playing the drums. There was a mosaic sculpture workshop in progress. A lovely coffee shop and even on the cold wet weekend, plenty of people looking, working, participating in the community that is obviously here.

It made me think quite alot about what I want to do. A workshop in this environment would be, at the least, stimulating with a community of youthful enthusiasm and people searching for new ways of doing things and valuing difference. There are all sorts of groups here from LETS to a Sweat Lodge.
I think I will make more trips here to learn more about what they do, maybe look at their gardens more, the seedsaver group, all sorts.

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