Friday, 30 May 2008

Comfort spinning

I've been pondering the nature of comfort. 'Food Safari' on SBS (a wonderful food program about real food and real people) were looking at Spanish food and lo and behold there's a Spanish equivalent of rice pudding. My Mum used to make rice pudding (very English) and I loved it. Never made it I need to find a recipe...Mum....

Anyway, we find comfort in alot of things. I was given a pair of handknitted socks by a friend (thanks Tammie, they fit), while that was lovely, even better was actually putting them on. There is something very comforting about the feel of socks, even ones I've knitted for myself.

When I don't want to choose what to wear, I put these earings on, put soft black pants and skivvy and my big jumper. It's easy to think of and looks acceptable and very comfortable.

Thinking about this jumper. It's one where I didn't change the pattern, but I did change the yarn. In the original, it was a pretty pink, slightly fluffy.....I did go looking for the pattern, can't find it right now, think it's in a Knitters magazine....I, of course, decided on a much heavier yarn, it does tend to drag, but I like the finished jumper and it is much commented on. It's surprising how much you can change a look by just changing the yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I've just spun some yarn for a group project and started on some yarn that a friend wanted me to spin (She's creating a project where she's buying fibre for friends and asking them to spin it up any way they like. Great idea, happy to be part of it!) Both yarns are wrapped tops around a cotton core. The first is plied with a fine boucle yarn. The second will be plied with another single created in the same way, hopefully finer.

Aaaah, back to spinning, how comforting!

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Knitspingirl said...

Glad the socks fit - I don't think there's anything more comfortable to spin in than hand-knitted socks.
Love Tammie