Friday, 16 May 2008

Flora and Fauna

I have finally got around to sampling for the 3D5S project for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show. I've tried to get a real frilly effect. I've used crochet as you can build a shape as you go, though knitting would have worked now I think about it. Anyway the centre is not quite right.
I'm going to do another, working on that centre piece, making it more uneven both as a whole and at the edges. I still have spikes to try.
Last night I attended the Banyule Council volunteer awards night. Held in the great hall in Heidelberg, which is a fabulous art deco building. The 9"x5" Steering Committee had been nominated for a group award. We sat at a table, listened to Con the Fruiterer (comedian), and applauded the winners, who were an amazing group of volunteers. We talked, planned had lovely wine and food. It's nice to be appreciated.

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