Thursday, 15 May 2008

Inspired by students

After changing over at Incube8tr, still no sales, I took myself off to the Ian Potter Centre ( to see what was showing. The current blockbuster is the Sidney Nolan exhibition, as that cost to go in, I decided that the other exhibitions were more in line with my 'penniless' mood. What a treat!

The first exhibition was about Black in fashion. It was a very small exhibition and not quite as groundbreaking as you might have thought. The older mourning dresses were wonderful as anything made by hand for the wealthy always has a wealth of detail, but the modern pieces were interesting, but surely there is more, especially Punk.

I then decided to head to the Top Arts exhibition. I must admit, I do always like these exhibitions. Seeing students work in an exhibition setting always highlights what it means to have enthusiasm and energy. The works are always of a high standard, with some being able to fit into any 'professional' exhibition.

My favourites were:

1. three panels where the artist had spread gesso with their hands, let it dry and then did fine line work on top. Initially this looked random, but after reading their artists' statement, there could be found some personal references. I loved this, as you could look at it for ages, it was a really interesting idea and it just looked good as a piece of work.

2. printed paper was cut up and woven. Couldn't go past this one!

3. there was a ceramic work in the exhibition, but, for me, more interestingly, they had the workbook for the artist. It was wonderful, full of ideas, materials, technical details. A work of art on it's own.

Over coffee, I decided that for my newspaper, totem pole, eyes work that I'm about to embark on, I'll keep a detailed workbook and make regular contributions and hopefully create a number of works.
I've also decided that I need to 'package' my work. It makes it easier to buy for gifts and hopefully looks better. Will have to have a play.

I did manage to finish a small scarf. This goes with the hat and the wrist warmers. I like playing with two yarns at one time, trying to make them do different things. (Sorry about the colour, I can't photograph red)

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