Saturday, 31 May 2008

Magazines Galore!

I'm currently in seventh heaven, surrounded by the latest editions of some of my favourite magazines.

Vogue Knitting and Knit.1, being U.S. magazines are parading the delights of Summer knitting. They're actually quite a good collection and make me want to create some lovely handknit tops for the Summer months......a long time away for those of us in the Southern hemisphere....I'm thinking, of some lovely slubby fine cotton in my stash. I can't remember where I acquired it, but it's lovely and soft, perhap a bit too fine, but I could ply it together to create some a bit more manageable for handknitting.

I'm not sure which Vogue Knitting is my favourite, but it's interesting to see this idea, again, of knitting two strips, twisting them, then sewing them on. My (get incompleted) jumper, also from Vogue Knitting uses this to good advantage.

I'm still digesting Knit.1, but, how about this Nicky Epsten creation....LOOK at the BUTTONS...

Selvedge arrived in the mail....aaaaaagh.....I just flick through it looking at the pictures. This study in wire intrigues me. A revelation ia also Henry Moore textiles, yes... the sculptor did textiles...fabulous prints.

Now, to our local magazines. Textile Fibre could I go past these knitted forms by Alana Clifton-Cunningham.Theres always weaving in this magazine which does seem to be getting scarce. There are people learning and pursuing weaving, which I love, but it doesn't have the popularity of knitting and crochet.

Finally, I've literally just picked up Yarn. Lots of information on dyeing, but what caught my eye were these wonderful hats on the very first page, spruiking the amazing Alice Springs beanie festival.

What a long blog....Happy reading!

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