Wednesday, 14 May 2008

More spinning newspaper

Yesterday was spent doing my homework for my Web Design class, getting to grips with Dreamweaver. I'm starting to feel confident that I understand what can be done with all this new technology, which means that I now have a feel for how much more I need to learn. However, the products are excellent and I think that I can do some excellent development.

I was tired after the class, so I sat down with my newspaper spinning. I decided to try using a sponge to wet the paper. This worked really well as you can control how wet the paper gets (important when working with different papers), and the paper is wet very evenly.

As a significant breaking point is where dry paper meets wet paper, I also dampened the 'yarn' already on the bobbin. I felt much more confident, the spinning was good and the wheel drew the paper on reasonably well, though any bump did mean a little hand winding.

The biggest problem is really wetting the paper. Paper dries really fast when just damp, so you are literally stopping for each piece of paper. The next part of the experiment is to get a wet towel and see if they stay wet in that.

Much fun.

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