Tuesday, 20 May 2008

More wrist warmers

More wristies....these use a technique that I've just learnt (thanks Catherine) of casting on then casting off, which gives the little, or long, dangly thing a cute little twist.

It is all in the twist, as I keep telling people at the moment. Twist holds fibres together, makes them soft or strong and gives them purpose.
One interesting aspect of twist is whether, as you knit, you twist or untwist the yarn. This can be important. For instance, you probably want more twist in the cast-on, cast-off edge, as it will be stronger.
My investigations, so far, have also shown that twisting at the edges makes them neater. I don't know how much this depends on your knitting style. I knit continental, but even that I think I knit oddly. One thing I do know is that if I do a knit stitch, I twist a 'S' plyed yarn.
See, it's all in the twist.


Moorecat said...

They look good enough to eat - with ice-cream perhaps?

Reminds me of crushed raspberries; it must be close to dinner-time :)

Anonymous said...

hi there,
wristies is a registered trademark. would you please remove it from your blog? thank you so much. We appreciate it.
Susan Gregory
Wristies, Inc.

Teresa said...


sorry, I didn't even realise there was such a thing as a real wristie. I have changed my blog to the more usual term, wrist warmers. Good luck with your venture.

Your website makes me feel cold just looking at it. Not used to so much snow here in Australia.