Thursday, 1 May 2008

Musings on making it work.

It's always interesting the way the world talks to you. One conversation, leads to another, leads to just wandering around and then finding more information and hopefully inspiration.

It's the ongoing conversation about how to make your art your work and provide you with an income of some sorts. In my conversation with a friend, who has some enforced time away from work and is also a passionate knitter, about this very question. Her particular take is the co-operative approach. As an admirer of what the Meat Market used to be, as I am, wondering about how to create a similar workshop/sales/teaching space by utilising the many talented people sharing(?) the same path....

I've just been checking some of the blogs that I like to look at. One 'Dinosaurs and Robots' had a guest blogger who is an embroiderer, whose own blog sent me to 'Venuszine' where there are a number of articles on this very topic. I've now downloaded them and will read them with great interest.

It is interesting that whilst they may not be helpful, the fact that they are there is heartening. There must be a way......

Back to the weaving.

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