Sunday, 4 May 2008

Newspaper and Magazines

What an interesting weekend! Friday was spent 'helping' in the Guild library. Unfortunately, we were more interested in looking at the latest magazines and chatting and realised, almost too late that we needed to do the returns in the returns box. All done, but next month I will be more attentive to the required tasks.
I am in love though. I was introduced to a new magazine 'VAV magasinet' - a Swedish weaving magazine. This was wonderful and I'm going to explore it more, find out how is available through Glenora Weaving....and....
I have been looking for a good weaving magazine, this could be it.
Saturday was Experimental Spinning and we were going to explore newspaper and wire. Unfortunately, newspaper took up all our time and the wire will have to wait for another time. There was some fantastic spinning, unfortunately not by me. Everyone was very amused by my repeatedly unsuccessful attempts to spin the newspaper. Every time I would start, there would be a break, by the time I rejoined, I was back at the start. I got angry and so desperate, I was starting to blame the wheel....always a bad sign...
Anyway, I was determined to do this as I was quite intrigued by the array of information on the subject that had been sent to me, and the possibilities. I went home and as the boys watched 'The Godfather' (I don't watch 'The Godfather') I sat spinning paper.
I did start with a firmer paper, more a magazine weight. However, I am getting the feel of how wet the paper needs to be and how to approach various tasks such as joining (squish it yourself), rethreading after a break (don't expect the paper to slide, grab right at the end and pull through).
There are still a number of questions to be tested/asked. Firstly, it seems obvious, but it would be better if the paper is cut in continuous lengths. Secondly, how do you moisten a lot of paper? Would a steamer work better?
Food for thought on a Sunday afternoon.

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