Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Have been fixing, finishing, organising, all ready for both the 9"x5" QMM on Sunday, (Come and see us on Mothers' Day) and, also for the monthly changeover at In.cube8tr, so not alot of show and tell.

However, for inspiration.........I've been waiting for the latest editions of Vogue Knitting or Knit 1, which must be due any moment when I found this cover. There's not alot of information, except the caption ''In no time' Sandra Backlund crafted collection. (Must 'google'.) It was very difficult, but I finally decided I must buy it. I didn't need the magazine, but I had to have these pictures. Spectacular.

They put me in mind of some armour shapes I was playing around with a few years ago, when I did some machine knitting with copper wire. I think I might have a look and see if they can put me in mind of a few good 'vests' with impact.

The magazine 'Sublime' is interesting. It's English and this issue had a 'green' tinge. I'm not sure I would always get this, but it's worth checking. Having said that, it also had an article on Polar Bears and also Antarctica, with the requisite amazing pictures. Definitely worth a look.

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