Friday, 23 May 2008


The Biggest Morning Tea at the guild was a great success with the 'Sea of Scarves', the teacosy exhibition, lots of homemade things to eat, lots of people wearing wonderful things they had made and plenty of conversation.
I did manage to score a teapot at the auction. It's quite beautiful and will fit my collection well. I do like to collect handmade teapots. It's always been one of those things 'I'd like to try one-day', though I suspect that that is definitely in the future. The only experience I had of trying to combine textiles and pottery was a very dear friend...I still have the Kaffe Fassett cardigan she made biggest baby when he was born....who was a dedicated knitter and potter, however, never seemed able to combine them at the same time!
I must photograph my teapots, I have some beautiful ones.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where i would find out information on some teapots i got at an estate sale??

Teresa said...

Antique teapots aren't really my specialty, I'd try antique shops. My mother did give me this wonderful book...'Antique Trader- Teapots - Price Guide' edited by Kyle Husfloen published by KP books in 2005. There are lots of different teapots from pottery to silver with lots of very good pictures.

Hope that helps, Teresa